I’m Back!

It has been WAY too long…I mean, years long. What has changed? Well, lots! I now have 5 beautiful kiddos! I am still homeschooling and keeping busy. We now own a wonderful farm and have chickens, ducks and roosters. God is so good to us. This was all given to us from HIM. Steve and I have prayed for years to be able to have a farm and become more self sufficient…it is amazing to look back over the years and see HIS hand working. We couldn’t see it at the time and yes, I was impatient at times, but HE was faithful…HE is always faithful. I will be blogging more and more now that I have so much to share and as I try to figure this all out. 🙂


It is about time!

So here I am…I am finally writing a post for a blog! MY blog!  It seems like SO many people have one and I was just not in the “loop”.  My hubby has been writing his blog for a few years now.  He is a VERY good blogger and I was always like, “that’s his thing…I could never write one”.  I have been trying to implement so many new changes for the family regarding our path to healthy eating and living, along side homeschooling 3 out of 4 kids, and trying to stay on top of all the rest of everyday tasks and responsibilites, I didn’t think blogging had any chance to fit in! (here is my plug for my hubby…check out his site:  www.witnessforthelord.com …he writes an amazing blog.)

My hubby has been encouraging me to blog for some time now.  He thinks with all the new things I’m learning and all that God has been teaching and leading us towards, that a blog is a great way to share with others and bring some encouragement to anyone reading.  I have to say, I have some favorite blogs.  My absolute FAVORITE blog is www.heavenlyhomemakers.com!  Laura is amazing!  She has encouraged me trememdously through her blog!  I LOVE her tips, recipes, information, challenges…well, I LOVE it ALL!  So check her out!  Thanks Laura!  Isn’t is amazing how the Lord uses others whom we never met, to encourage us?  I have been praying about so many different things and HE is faithful ALL the time!  (if you haven’t noticed yet, I love the word “amazing”)

My hubby is my best friend and supports me and motivates me so much!  I just LOVE him with all of my heart and I thank God for our marriage!  We just celebrated 12 years a few weeks ago!  Steve is right there beside me on our path to honor Christ in this faltering world. I am excited to see where our Savior leads us together in the many years to come!

Ok…back to the whole blogging thing.  Yes, I can ramble!  hee!  Anyways, since this is my first blog…I’ll cut it short!  I hope I can do my best to encourage others through my posts.  I plan on posting information and insight from my day to day life.  I will talk about food (of course), healthy living, whole food recipes, my kiddos, homeschooling and of course, my insight and learnings through reading God’s Word!  I want to honor Him in all I do!

Thanks for following!  Janel  🙂

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